“The House Always Wins”

So become the House the HouseMaster

Are you ready for the future of gaming?

By mixing Casino with Defi and a native token, our House Team can serve a carefully crafted cocktail in which investors enjoy the casino profits while players are spoiled with interest on their gaming accounts.

We have the right Plan, Team and Partners to make it the most rewarding experience for all the parties involved.

How it works

We bring DeFi to online gaming, combining the best of both worlds for the benefit of investors and players.

Become the House

Acquire tokens that are bought back & burned with casino profits.

DeFi For Gaming

Earn staking rewards and interest on your gaming capital.

Play With Your Community

Full gaming suite with casino, sportsbook, live games & P2P games.

Earn By Running a Club

Monetize your personal sub-community as an influencer by running a club.

Token utility

Housemaster Staking

Stake token on the HouseMaster platform to receive yield.

Buy-Back & Burn

Part of the casino profits are used for token buy-back & burn.

Success Factors

Differentiation is key to winning in the competitive online gaming world.


Additional benefits brought by crypto, such as DeFi- services to cryptos held in gaming accounts.

Social Capital & Enablement

Integration of NFTs as avatars to bridge metaverse & the platform via Metamask. Incremental social value by connecting blockchain assets to the platform.


Club based model to reach large sub-communities.


Extra incentives to onboard affiliates with native token in addition to traditional revenue share.


Streaming based community engagement within the site and external platforms as the primary marketing / conversion method.


Interaction between streamers and audience ex. free stream subscription for depositors.

Team with Diverse Backgrounds